PEC celebrates 40 years of environmental service to Pennsylvania

Celebrate with us!  For more than 40 years, PEC members, staff, partners and supporters have improved the quality of life for Pennsylvanians by restoring and protecting Pennsylvania's natural and built environments.  In addition to our ongoing project work to build sustainable communities, protect water resources and address energy and climate issues, we're planning a host of activities you won't want to miss.  Check back often for updates!

Click here to read the 40th Anniversary press release.

40 Under 40

Pennsylvania has a rich history of environmental leaders who have made the commonwealth a healthier, greener place to live, work and visit, and who have inspired others around the nation with their innovation and success.  As we look to the future, PEC will honor the next generation of environmental leaders - those who will shape the way we treat our land, air and water over the next several decades.

Recipients have recently been announced, and will be honored at PEC's 40th Anniversary Celebration on September 22nd at the Civic Club of Harrisburg.




PEC is known for hosting the premier environmental events in Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh and Wilkes-Barre, as well as recreational opportunities and educational programming.  PEC's 40th Anniversary Celebration will be held September 22, 2010 at the Civic Club of Harrisburg. Click here for details!


Photo Contest

Pennsylvanians shared their visions and vistas of Pennsylvania's environment. Winning photographs are now posted at  


Since 1970 PEC's advocacy and collaboration with businesses, government, citizens and others throughout the state helped pass legislation in PA that protects streams and small farms, manages solid waste and stormwater, funds parks and greenways, and addresses energy and climate issues. 

PEC was instrumental in the passing of the 1971 Amendment  to the Pennsylvania Constitutional guaranteeing citizens "the right to and preservation of the natural, scenic, and historic values of the environment - clean air and water." PEC formed a coalition of 65 organizations and engaged in the most potent environmental lobby ever mustered in Pennsylvania - ensuring the amendment's passage by a 4 to 1 margin.  

Click here to read a history of PEC's Accomplishments over the past 40 years.

Coming Soon!  Video interviews featuring past state officials, PEC leaders and others who have led the way for Pennsylvania's environmental movement.  Also coming soon - guest commentary about how PEC has improved the quality of life for Pennsylvanians through education, innovative approaches, and advocacy.