Philadelphia Bike Share - Strategic Business Plan RFP Announced

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The Pennsylvania Environmental Council is issuing a Request for Proposals for the creation of a strategic business plan, consulting and cost estimate services to create a strategic and business plan to lay the backbone for a bike sharing system in Philadelphia.
December 10, 2012

The Pennsylvania Environmental Council, City of Philadelphia and the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia have established a collaborative effort to bring a Bike Sharing system to Philadelphia.


Bike share is an urban transportation concept based on collective paid use of a distributed supply of bicycles a little like the car sharing model that many Philadelphians already see – and use – in Philly Car Share and ZipCar.

In 2008, a bike share feasibility study that found that Philadelphia had the density and number of short trips to make a bike share system work in Center City, University City and the Temple University area.  At the time there were still unanswered questions about the need for additional bike infrastructure, the financial viability of bike share system and how liability would be handled. 

Since 2008, bike share systems in Washington DC, Boston, Denver, Minneapolis, Montreal, Toronto, London and many other cities have successfully addressed the financial viability and liability questions.  Philadelphia has expanded our bike infrastructure and seen the number of accidents involving cyclists decline, even as the number of cyclists has increased.

New York and Chicago are soon to launch systems as well. Bike share is fast becoming a staple of public transportation in thriving urban centers. Cities across the globe have found that bike share programs are used by a wide variety of residents for many different kinds of trips.  In Philadelphia, bike share will be useful to almost everyone who lives, works or visits Center City, University City or the area around Temple – residents and visitors trying to get from side of center city to the other, commuters traveling to or from neighborhoods to work or SEPTA stations, students getting to class and tourists moving between the city ’s attractions.

Request for Proposals

This partnership has identified several steps that are needed to determine the best implementation strategy for such a system.  This Request for Proposals is the first step of this process.

The Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC or “the Council”) is  issuing a Request for Proposals for the creation of a strategic business plan, consulting and cost estimate services.

The goal of the project is to create a strategic and business plan to lay the backbone for a 3rd generation bike sharing system in Philadelphia similar to those systems found in Boston, Montreal, Washington DC, Denver etc.

There will be a mandatory pre-proposal meeting scheduled for 9:00 AM Eastern Standard Time (EST) on Thursday, December 20, 2012. Interested Respondents must contact Spencer Finch, Director of Sustainable Infrastructure, for further details and to RSVP. RSVPs must be received by 9:00 AM on Wednesday, December 19, 2012.  A confirmation email will be sent out by that Wednesday.  At least one member from each firm is required to attend this meeting.

A copy of this RFP may be obtained during normal business hours from:

  • Cindy Ferguson, PEC Director of Operations at (215) 545-4570, ext. 100.

Inquiries regarding the substance of this RFP should be directed by email to:

  • Spencer Finch, PEC’s Director of Sustainable Infrastructure, at,

Inquiries for information regarding procurement procedures shall be directed to by email only to both:

If you download this RFP from the PEC website and intend to submit a proposal, you must notify Spencer Finch and request that PEC and the City add your firm to the list of entities that have a copy of the RFP and want to receive any addenda issued.  PEC and the City of Philadelphia are not responsible for any RFP obtained from any source other than PEC, and PEC reserves the right to refuse proposals from those who download this RFP and fail to notify PEC and the City that they intend to submit a proposal.


Spencer Finch
Director of Sustainable Infrastructure

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