Allegheny Riverfronts Project

Allegheny County's riverfronts are destinations for its citizens and visitors. They provide recreation, conservation, and access opportunities while maintaining their place as important drivers in the region's industrial, commercial, and residential economies. The Allegheny County Riverfronts Project provides overall planning and coordination for implementation of recreation, conservation, and access. PEC works closely with Allegheny County, Friends of the Riverfront and other partner organizations to implement specific projects along the riverfronts.


Allegheny's Riverfronts: A Progress Report on Municipal Riverfront Development in Allegheny County (December 2010) is available for download.

 Click here to view the report. (5MB file size)


There is a lot of work that has been done to date on Allegheny County's Riverfronts. This project is taking much of the work that has been completed to date, synthesizing it, and moving directly to implementation.

Some of the previous work that is being considered in this process includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Three Rivers Heritage Trail Plan
  • Three Rivers Second Nature Reports
  • Three Rivers River Conservation Plan
  • Monongahela River Conservation Plan
  • Middle Allegheny River Conservation Plan
  • Allegheny County Comprehensive Plan
  • Allegheny County Riverfront Plan
  • Three Rivers Park Plan
  • Riverlife Task Force Landscaping Guidelines
  • Report of the Riverlife Task Force Quality and Corridors Committee

PEC initiated a partnership with Allegheny County ( and Friends of the Riverfront ( in summer 2007 on implementation. Implementation is ongoing.

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