Energy & Climate

Foreign oil. Soaring costs. Global warming.  Pennsylvania emits one percent of the world’s greenhouse gases – more than all but 22 nations and more than 105 developing nations combined. And we spend over $36 billion a year on energy. Clearly we need better energy efficiency, more renewable energy and improved technologies. Recognizing both the risks and opportunities these critical issues present, the Pennsylvania Environmental Council has focused its expertise and experience into the Center of Excellence for Energy and Climate, which has three areas of emphasis: energy efficiency, alternative energy and climate change.

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Energy & Climate Programs

  • For the past several years, PEC has hosted a gala dinner in celebration of the recipients of the Governor's Environmental Excellence Awards.
  • PEC is the co-convener of the Pittsburgh Climate Initiative, a collaborative of government, business, community, and higher education partners working together to implement the Pittsburgh Climate Action Plan.
  • When completed, the Spring Garden Street Greenway will be one of the most vibrant streets and commercial corridors in the City of Philadelphia, and a quieter and safer street along which to drive, bike, or walk.
  • The Marcellus Shale natural gas reserve arguably represents the largest environmental and economic opportunity - and challenge - for Pennsylvania.
  • Presented by PEC and Dominion, the awards highlight the environmental innovators of western Pennsylvania.
  • Since its launch in March 2009, more than 100 companies have made the commitment to green their office practices. From simple tasks to changing habits, businesses are saving energy, reducing paper waste, conserving water, and making a greener difference.
  • PEC is a proud partner of DCNR's iConservePA program, which inspires individuals to play a role in protecting and conserving Pennsylvania's treasured lands, rivers, plants and wildlife. PEC encourages our members and partners to become PA iCons.
  • Partnership installed a forested riparian buffer to demonstrate how a corporation can fund a conservation project yielding measurable environmental credits that can be recognized by state and/or federal environmental credit registries and potentially be sold as marketable offset credits.