Tidal Delaware Water Trail

Feel the rush – of water! The Tidal Delaware Water Trail spans 50+ miles from Trenton/Morrisville to Marcus Hook. Boaters, sailors and kayakers can “ride the tide” past ecological treasure, historic sites, and modern recreation opportunities. It's the best way to see a different side of the region – from the water!

The Tidal Delaware River Water Trail is a 56 mile water trail from Trenton/Morrisville to Marcus Hook, including the PA and NJ sides of the river. The resulting map and interactive web site provides safety information, and identify access points amenities and ecological, cultural and historical points of interest.

Visit www.tidaltrail.org to access interactive versions of the maps, post your photos from the river, and view upcoming events.

This water trail is unique. It’s largely in an urban setting, and small boat craft and paddlers share the river with large cargo ships. It’s also one of the few tidal trails in existence, which means users pay special attention to the direction of the tides to plan their trip.

The Council is known for creating and promoting water trails across Pennsylvania. Water Trails are paths that have been checked and mapped to provide users with access to the environment and to recreational opportunities along the way. The Council began working on the Tidal Delaware Water Trail map in September 2006 with funding from the William Penn Foundation, PADEP – Coastal Zone Management Program, PA DCNR.

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